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Cozibag Bean Bags E-Commerce Website

Cozibag Bean Bag E-Commerce Website

Cozibag are a company who sell a wide range of bean bags online in many differente shapes, sizes and colours all choosable by the customer before adding the bean bag to there e-commerce shopping basket. The e-commerece website is completely customisable by the client, meaning they can add/remove as many categories, products and colours for each product as they wish.

The e-commerce website also has a fully featured content management system in place so the client can add / change / remove pages of text as ofton as they like, for example the guarantee information page or the delivery information page.

Once the website development was complete and the client added all his product information, we began optimising this e-commerce website for search engine optimisation using many different techniques and methods to compete in the search rankings with simular online businesses selling bean bags.

Some key features of the cozibag website:

  • Fully customisable produt catalogue
  • Order management screen to view / change customers orders
  • Integrated with (easily portable to any other payment gateway)
  • Integrated voucher processing system for special promotions and offers
  • Stock management system to ensure products arn't sold unless in stock
  • Dynamic image rollovers for each available colour of a product
  • AJAX enabled web content for a rich user experience
  • Completely optimised for all major search engines.
  • Integrated website analytics software to track customers right the way up until purchasing products
  • Content management system to manage text and images throughout the website

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